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The Alway Family of Hawkesbury

Growing up in Hawkesbury in the 1950's we referred to a house in France lane as the "Old Post Office" (we lived next door) and I recall a Mrs Alway had been the post mistress, although when I needed a stamp we went further down the lane to the "new" Post Office.

Most of the Hawkesbury Family History researchers are related to the Alway family even if in most cases back to the 1600's, my interest was sparked even more when my mother bought the house in the early eighties and I later succumbed to the Family History bug, so it was nice when a Mr Whale came into my work place and said he was related to the Always at Hawkesbury and he has pictures of the family group and was stuck with his family search, A quick request on Hawkesbury mailing list sorted that out.

To the left the post office from the street, note the mail delivery bicycle propped against the pavement, how do I know that I hear you ask? well there is another photo with the delivery boy holding it.

Alway wedding photo

The rear view of the house and garden, you will see how we know where the family wedding group photo was taken.

Hawkesbury, Old post office with Alway Family
Hawkesbury, Old post office rear view

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